Milica Pešić - content editor at SmarTrike
Milica Pešić

Milica Pešić


Content Management, Social Work, Project Management

Content Manager

Milica Pešić is a passionate and detail-oriented individual, dedicated to crafting compelling narratives. With a blend of fresh perspectives and a commitment to quality, Milica aims to shape stories that resonate, inspire, and captivate.

About smarTrike's Editorial Process

At smarTrike, we're dedicated to providing parents and caregivers with the latest information on child development to help them support their children's optimal growth and well-being. Our editorial team consists of experienced researchers, child development specialist writers, editors, and fact-checkers. We conduct thorough research and planning before assigning topics to writers. Writers use their personal experience and credible sources to create their content. Once written, editors proofread and review the posts, and fact-checkers verify all content. For more information on how we deliver top-quality, reliable insights, check out our editorial process.

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