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Designing smart

We are all about growing up smart and adapting to changes in everything we do. That is why all our products are designed with multiple stages and features built in.

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We understand the importance of protecting the world we live in.
That is why we put a huge effort into making sure all our products are modular and durable, built to stay in your family for years.

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Growing together

Our aim is to facilitate a connection between parents and children throughout this process, by equipping both children and parents with the tools to navigate the journey of development, embracing the real moments and challenges that arise.

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Inspiring activity

We build our products to inspire engaging play as early as possible because we understand the endless benefits of an active childhood.

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Award winning products

STR 7 Stroller Trike

Red Dot Award - Best Design Concept

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STR 7 x Kelly Anna Stroller Trike

EPDA Award - Best Baby Products

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Xtend Scooter

Creative Child Award - 2023 Toy of The Year
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Get your toddler pedaling

3 tips and techniques for new parents.

Importance of fine motor skills in child development

Fine motor skills begin developing from infancy.

Amazing milestones: 3 Skills your 14-month-old Baby Is mastering

As your baby grows into a toddler, their development becomes more noticeable.

5 Reasons physical activity is important for child development

Physical activity plays a crucial role in the healthy development of children.

Trikes for toddlers: How trikes assist motor skill development

Are trikes easy to ride? Absolutely- they are perfect for kids who are just learning to ride because they are stable and easy to control.

3 Psychosocial stages of kids aged 0-5 years & how to support each

Each stage is critical in a child's development, and as a parent, it's important to know how to support them.


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