Beat the Heat: 5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Cool This Summer 2024

Beat the Heat: 5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Cool This Summer 2024

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Who doesn't enjoy a lovely hot and sunny day? Summer is the time for family picnics in the park, carefree days by the pool, or relaxing on the beach. However, hot summer months can be particularly challenging for babies and young children who are unable to regulate their body temperatures. As a parent, I always worry about my little ones getting dehydrated or suffering from heat stroke. That's why it's crucial to take measures to keep them cool and hydrated during the summer holiday period.

5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Cool in the Summer

If you’re concerned about your baby during those hot summer months, here are some tips on how to cool down your baby in the heat:

  1. Dress your baby lightly
  2. Keep your baby hydrated
  3. Give your baby a cool bath
  4. Schedule extra naps
  5. Keep your baby out of sunlight

1. Dress Your Baby Lightly

Babies under six months old should be kept out of direct sunlight, as their skin hasn't developed enough melanin to protect them from harmful rays. For babies aged six months and older, it's still advisable to avoid excessive sun exposure. When going out on hot days, use a parasol and a wide-brimmed sunhat to protect their head and neck. Sunglasses can also be worn for added eye protection.

Choose loose, lightweight, and breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen to cover your baby's body. I opt for cotton as it offers more comfort for my children.

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2. Keep Your Baby Hydrated

Fully breastfed babies don't need additional water until they start on solid food, but they may feed more frequently during hot weather. If your baby is between six and twelve months and has started on solids, offer small amounts of water between meals to keep them hydrated and prevent constipation. Your baby can have between 4 and 8 oz of water per day. Offering water in a cup or beaker is advised, but a Calpol syringe can be used as an alternative.

3. Give Your Baby a Cool Bath

After a long, hot day, a cool bath is an excellent way to help your baby unwind. Use lukewarm water or water slightly cooler than their usual bath temperature. Baths have been proven to lower the body’s core temperature, aiding in restful sleep. You can also use towels dipped in tepid water at bedtime. During the heatwave of 2022, my children enjoyed extra splashes in the tub throughout the day.

4. Schedule Extra Naps

Hot weather can make our bodies work harder to keep a consistent temperature, so don't be alarmed if your baby sleeps more during hotter periods of the day. They may be more active during cooler times to compensate for lost playtime.

To keep your house comfortable, use loose cotton vests and rotating fans.

5. Keep Your Baby Out of Sunlight

Babies under six months of age cannot regulate their temperature, so it's best to keep them indoors where you can monitor the temperature. The sun is strongest between 10 am and 4 pm; plan outdoor activities before 10 am or after 4 pm for safer playtime. Use stroller hoods, parasols, and stroller fans for added airflow when using a stroller or trike.

A Safe and Comfortable Summer

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor activities with our children. They can enjoy the freedom of fewer layers, but it's essential to prioritise heat safety. By following these tips, you can ensure a fun, safe, and comfortable summer for your little ones.

For summer walks and outdoor activities, a well-designed stroller trike can make all the difference. One such option, the SmarTrike x Kelly Anna STR7, offers features that help keep your baby cool, such as an adjustable canopy-like hood and optimal airflow between the hood and the seat.

Beyond heat safety, a good stroller trike can also provide visual stimulation, compact storage, and ease of use, ensuring you and your child make the most of your time together during the sunny months. By taking the necessary precautions and investing in products that enhance your baby's comfort and safety, you can create memorable summer experiences for the whole family.

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