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Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: a woman pushing her kid on a trike.
TrikesGlobber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: An Expert AnalysisAccording to Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust research, physical activity promotes children's growth. Trikes can be an excellent way for your kid to develop motor skills and have fun. But a tricycle is more than just a fun ride—it should be safe. For example, SmarTrike's STR3 has a five-point safety harness, and the Globber Explorer Trike has silent wheels. But there are other important factors, such as adjustability and age-appropriate design. So, let's explore their features in-depth and see which is the best trike for your kid's needs. Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3 at a Glance Globber Explorer Trike SmarTrike STR3Safety FeaturesFive-point safety harness, safety bar, anti-UV CanopyParent control, five-point safety harness, safety bar, stroller, safety certifiedAdjustability and Grow-With-Me FeaturesTricycle and balance bike functionality, age range from 10 months+ to five yearsFrom 10 months, adaptable according to your kid's ageQuality and DurabilityDurable construction, puncture-resistant tyresDurable construction, puncture-resistant tyresComfortSilent wheelsShock-absorbing wheelsAssembly and PortabilityAssembly required, not foldableAssembly required, not foldableTerrain and UseLimited terrainVersatile terrainPrice$199.99 (On Globber's US site)£111.99 » Explore how riding tricycles can enhance your child's overall well-being Globber Explorer Trike The Globber Explorer Trike is a multifunctional ride for kids from 10 months to five years. The parental steering handle gives you more control during your kid's first rides. As your little one grows, the Globber 4-in-1 Explorer Trike can transform into a bike suitable for ages two to five, giving you more value for the money spent. But, this tricycle does use a lot of space and may be challenging to assemble. ProsWide age rangeParental steering handleConverts to balance bikeDurable constructionConsComplicated for assemblyBulky for storageLimited colour options » Find out at what age your kid can begin riding a tricycle SmarTrike STR3 The SmarTrike STR3 is suitable for kids as young as 10 months, making it a good investment if you want a tricycle that grows with your kid. The safety certification makes it a one-of-a-kind stroller-trike hybrid. To help your kid manoeuvre over rugged terrain, you can use the one-handed steering mechanism. You also get shock absorbers to ensure a comfortable ride on uneven surfaces. ProsVersatile stroller-trike hybridOne-handed steering for easy manoeuvrabilityStroller-certified safetyQuick transition from stroller to trikeShock absorbers for comfortConsTakes up more storage spaceComplex assembly Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: Safety Features Globber Explorer Trike The Globber Explorer Trike comes with a five-point safety harness, a protective safety bar, and an anti-UV canopy. SmarTrike STR3 The SmarTrike STR3 includes shock-absorbing wheels, a five-point safety harness, and a safety bar. You can also control it with the one-handed steering wheel to help your kid navigate rugged terrain. Winner: SmarTrike STR3 » Read an in-depth review about the SmarTrike STR3 Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: Adjustability Globber Explorer Trike The Globber Explorer Trike can be a tricycle for toddlers as young as 10 months, and a balance bike suitable for kids from two to five years old. SmarTrike STR3 The SmarTrike STR3 features a modular design that adapts as your child grows, giving your kid a perfect fit for various developmental stages. Winner: SmarTrike STR3 Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: Assembly & Portability Globber Explorer Trike You can assemble the Globber Explorer Trike without tools. It's also lightweight. SmarTrike STR3 The SmarTrike STR3 comes with a tool-free assembly. You can also make the trike portable using the folding mechanism. All you need to do is unlock and collapse the frame. Winner: Both the Globber Explorer Trike and SmarTrike STR3 » Find out how riding a tricycle benefits a child's physical and cognitive development Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: Terrain & Use Globber Explorer Trike The Globber Explorer Trike can handle various terrains, ensuring your child can enjoy their tricycle on different outdoor surfaces. SmarTrike STR3 With advanced shock absorbers and large wheels, the SmarTrike STR3 can tackle multiple terrains. Winner: Both the Globber Explorer Trike and SmarTrike STR3 Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: Price Globber Explorer Trike The Globber Explorer Trike comes with a basic 30-day warranty. SmarTrike STR3 The SmarTrike STR3 includes a money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty. Plus, you get financing options. Winner: SmarTrike STR3 Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: The Right Choice The SmarTrike STR3 outperforms the Globber Explorer in terms of safety, adjustability, ease of construction, terrain diversity, and warranty coverage. Your kid gets a high-quality, customisable tricycle with increased safety and convenience.
SmarTrike Breeze Plus: a boy riding a trike.
TrikesSmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Choosing the Right TrikeChoosing a tricycle for your kid is about ensuring its safety while promoting the love of outdoor physical activities while they grow. The SmarTrike Breeze Plus and the Smoby Trike are great options if you're looking for the best trike for your toddler. But, there are some critical differences between the two models. From safety features to age-appropriate designs, let's delve into factors that make these two models stand out, SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike at a Glance SmarTrike Breeze PlusSmoby TrikeSafety FeaturesControl mode, puncture-resistant tyres, shock absorptionWide handlebars, stable 3-wheel setupAdjustability and Grow-With-Me FeaturesModular designFixed age range (15 months to three years)Quality and Durability Puncture-resistant tyres Silent wheelsComfortShock-absorbing technology, three-tiered foldable canopy Ergonomic and comfortable seat, rear tipper skipAssembly and PortabilityAssembly required, tools provided, not foldableAssembly required, not FoldableTerrain and UseTerrain versatilityLimited to smooth surfacesPrice£71.99£42 SmarTrike Breeze Plus The SmarTrike Breeze Plus is an excellent choice for children 15 months and older. The innovative touch-steering technology helps with coordination and boosts children's confidence. As your youngster grows, Smartrike Breeze adds multiple configurations to adjust its size. The parent/child control mode increases the adaptability even further, giving your kid added safety in crowded or potentially hazardous environments. Your kid also gets puncture-resistant tyres with shock-absorbing technology for a comfortable ride on various terrains. Plus, the three-tiered foldable canopy provides added comfort and protection for rain and sunlight. ProsVersatile 4-in-1 designInnovative touch steering technologyParent and child control modePuncture-resistant tyresThree-tiered foldable canopyMultiple configurationsConsComplex assemblyLimited weight capacity Smoby Trike The Smoby 3-in-1 Trike—also known as the Smoby Trike in pink—is suitable for children from 15 months to three years. With the parental steering control, you can steer your kid's tricycle in crowded areas where they need more help. To help your kid develop motor skills and coordination as it pedals and steers, the Smoby Trike has a stable 3-wheel design with broad handlebars. It also has silent wheels to reduce noise, an ergonomic seat, and a rear tipper for transporting toys. ProsParental steering controlStable three wheel designErgonomic seatSilent wheelsRear tipper skipConsLimited age rangeNot suitable for taller childrenTime-consuming assembly » Check out the best stroller trikes for active kids SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Safety Features SmarTrike Breeze Plus Safety is paramount in the SmarTrike Breeze Plus. The parent/child control mode, puncture-resistant tyres, and shock-absorbing wheels ensure worry-free outdoor adventures for you and your kid. Smoby Trike The design ensures safety thanks to key features such as parental steering control, wide handlebars, and a stable 3-wheel setup. Winner: Both SmarTrike Breeze Plus and Smoby Trike SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Adjustability SmarTrike Breeze Plus A modular design that adapts to your growing child. Smoby Trike: It's designed for children aged 15 months to three years. Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Assembly & Portability SmarTrike Breeze Plus The trike isn't portable. It requires assembly, but you get the tools with the purchase. Smoby Trike It requires assembly but comes without tools. Additionally, the tricycle isn't portable. Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Terrain & Use SmarTrike Breeze Plus The SmarTrike Breeze Plus features large, shock- and puncture-resistant wheels, allowing it to navigate various terrains easily. Smoby Trike with Rugged Wheels Smoby Trike's wheels are limited to smoother surfaces. Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Price SmarTrike Breeze Plus: The SmarTrike Breeze Plus provides a money-back guarantee, a 2-year warranty, and financing options for an appealing pricing package. Smoby Trike: The Smoby Trike features a limited 30-day refund policy. Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus Riding into Fun and Safety: The Clear Winner While the Smoby Trike offers advantages such as parental steering control, it lacks adaptability and terrain capability. The ultimate winner is the SmarTrike Breeze Plus, which offers more safety features, adaptability, and terrain versatility. Plus, its money-back guarantee, 2-year warranty, and financing choices give assurance and affordability.
A small child in a blue stroller trike.
TrikesSmarTrike STR3 Review: Is It Worth the Hype?Stroller trikes are a great way to effectively help your child enjoy some fresh air and a great transitionary tool for moving between typical stroller and tricycle age. This is essential for physical activity, promoting a sense of adventure and boosting child development. But are stroller trikes worth it? Yes! So, let's dive into more specifics about the SmarTrike STR3. Our Verdict This may just be the "wow" product of the baby and toddler trike world, and it is a tough competition out there. The SmarTrike STR3 is a folding stroller trike that's easy to assemble, easy to fold and store, simple to manoeuvre and has high terrain versatility. Plus, there's a reclining seat, wheel locking system, stroller certification, and much more. ProsSafety barRear braking systemShock absorbersTool-free assembly2-year warrantyConsFootrest not easily adjustableSunshade might not give as much coverage as wanted SmarTrike STR3 at a Glance Here's a breakdown of the SmarTrike STR3. Features Description Safety - Stroller-certified stroller trike - 3-point harness - Safety bar - Rear-braking system - Shock absorbers Grow-With-Me and Adjustability - Stage 1 includes adjustable reclining seat and detachable steering handle - Stage 2 and Stage 3: Parents still have control while child develops - Stage 4 folding in footrest and encourages pedalling - Stage 5 full-on classic trikeQuality and Durability- Designed to grow with your child from 10 months all the way through. - Designed for even the rough and tumble toddlers - Can be used on any level of terrain Comfort- Reclining seat for naps - Footrest available - High-rise seat - Decent height so feet will not drag on ground while in motionAssembly and Portability - Compact folding design for easy storage and transporting. - Folds small enough to fit in boot of car - Tool-free assembly - If it clicks you have done it right, everything slots into place and locks with a clicking soundTerrain and Use - Can be used on smooth and rough surfaces, even gravel - Shock absorbers ensure a comfortable and undisturbed ride on different types of terrain - Can be used all year round - Wheels are built for adventurePrice - £139.99 from SmarTrike's website: 2-year warranty, 30-day return period and finance options available » Want to know the difference between balance bikes and trikes? Find out here Overview Main Features SmarTrike STR3 is the only stroller-certified stroller-trike with detachable has 5 different stages, making it suitable from 10 months to around 3 years. There is a lot of growing and developing to be done during that time, which is why the STR3 is equipped to adapt as your little one reaches different stages. In a nutshell, stages 1 to 3 mean parents still have control of the trike, stage 4 utilises the folding footrest and encourages your child to pedal, and the final stage is the ultimate turnaround into a full trike for complete independent riding. Not to mention all of the little extras that the STR3 comes with: An extendable canopy for those hot summer days Three-point harnessSafety barStorage bag for all of your and your child’s necessitiesDrink holderStroller-certified stroller trike with detachable one-handed steeringState-of-the-art shock absorbers for a smooth ride and protection from obstacles Assembly and User Experience Everything simply clicks into place, making it an easy and tool-free assembly, plus the SmarTrike STR3 instructions are simple. The stroller trike comes folded in a box all you need to do is attach wheels, unfold the trike, and adjust the seat to your desired position by making sure the seat gauge has clicked into place. Whether you’re a city bug or a nature trail butterfly, the fact that you can be up and running in no less than 10 seconds takes a little pressure off, and I think we can all appreciate that being a parent. Pricing The 5-in-1 STR3 Folding Trike brand new from our site is £139.99. At SmarTrike, we pride ourselves in our timely delivery, usually within 3 days. We also offer a 2-year warranty, free shipping, and there's also financing available should you require it. We want you to love the product in the box, and if you don’t, you can return it within the 30-day period that begins the day you receive the package. » Find out the difference between a stroller trike and stroller Bottom Line: Is the SmarTrike STR3 Worth It? The 5-in-1 STR3 Folder Stroller Trike is lightweight, stylish, and compact folding, making it easy to store. It is a stroller trike that grows with your child, so there is no need to rush your child’s progress. You as the parent have control of the trike until you think the time is right to pass it over. Think of all the places this trike will go with you all, the memories, the stories, the adventures. It is not just an investment in a singular product. You get a product that goes from stroller to pedal, pedal to steering, steering to trike and all to folding. FAQ
Two kids playing with a tricycle.
Trikes5 Benefits of Tricycles for Social Development in ChildrenChildren grow and develop exceptionally fast, so they need opportunities to engage in as many physical activities as possible in order to help their overall development. Tricycles tend to be the go-to choice for both parents and children, they are more than just a fun way to get your little one moving. Trikes are excellent for enhancing a child’s physical, cognitive, and social development. Let's look into their benefits in more detail. Benefits of Tricycles for Social Development in Children Enhancing gross motor skillsBoosting self-confidence and independenceNurturing peer interaction and communicationFostering outdoor play and explorationLaying the foundation for self-sufficiency 1. Enhancing Gross Motor Skills Gross motor skills refer to those large groups of muscles in our bodies that impact walking, running, balancing, strength, and coordination. Very early on in life, children start to develop these skills that only improve as time goes on. Riding a tricycle is a great example of how to do this. As children learn to pedal, steer and navigate, they begin improving their core muscle strength and coordination. Additionally, children learn and interact with other children through play and this requires the use of a wider and complex range of skills. Research exploring the relationship between social and motor skills shows that better gross motor skills development can increase self-assurance in social settings. » Looking to improve gross motor skills? Here are gross motor activities for preschoolers 2. Boosting Self-Confidence and Independence Tricycles play a role in fostering social development through outdoor play and raising an independent child. Learning to ride a tricycle comes with its challenges and obstacles for kids to conquer. But how does this build children's self-confidence? Once mastered, the sense of achievement they feel can help boost their self-confidence. Trikes encourage children to play outdoors and can be a great way to reduce anxiety. Simply being outdoors can be: An effective stress-relieverAn outlet to burn pent-up energyA way to listen to natureA means of exploring the world around them Children learn to problem-solve through play. Tricycles provide the perfect opportunity for this as they can use their imagination and overcome obstacles, such as bumps in their riding path, therefore facilitating independent thought. 3. Nurturing Peer Interaction and Communication Why are peer interactions important? From a young age, these can help children learn and practice language in different scenarios, predominantly teaching children how to start and end interactions and boost self-esteem. Riding tricycles creates many opportunities for shared play and social development in children. Shared play teaches children about emotions (how to control them and how to deal with the emotional displays of others). Children on trikes and bikes can exercise this as follows: RacingTaking turns zooming aroundPlaying cops and robbersTeam games or ones involving a leader Shared play is all about connecting minds, seeing situations from different perspectives and problem-solving. If there is the need to share trikes during shared play then it encourages children to think about the importance of collaboration, compromise, and fairness. 4. Fostering Outdoor Play and Exploration In a world where everything is available at our fingertips and there's a dominance of screens, playing outdoors is increasingly important. Outdoor play exposes children to: Fresh air Natural lightSensory experiences, like the wind on their faces or the touch of grass Trikes offer kids the best opportunity to make being outdoors fun throughout the year, promoting an active lifestyle. Tricycles provide children with an everyday opportunity for: Physical exercise, which can help strengthen the heart and lungs and promote the overall health of their cardiovascular systems. Learning about cause and effect, such as how pedalling backwards can move them backwards or not move, depending on obstacles. How to Encourage Outdoor Play:Riding trikes provides ample opportunities for imagination-building, so highlighting this is key. Encourage your kids to engage in pretend play, such as role-playing as racers or flying superheroes while they zoom around. » Learn about the benefits of riding a tricycle for physical and cognitive development 5. Laying the Foundation for Self-Sufficiency As your child becomes a proficient rider, their strength, confidence, independence, and resilience grows. Trikes are portable, meaning there is no end to your kid's play, imagination, or development. A trike can help teach them the basics of self-sufficiency, such as: Autonomy that gives them more freedom than they have had beforeRoad rules and directional awareness like left, right, or when to cross a street » Check out the best tricycles for toddlers to make outdoor play more fun Boost Social Development With A Tricycle Tricycles offer children a myriad of benefits, such as protecting physical, cognitive, and emotional development with hours of endless fun. If you're considering investing in a classic trike for your little one, take a look at SmarTrike’s range. Their tricycles are designed with the child in mind and for multiple stages through their growth and social development. SmarTrike’s classics are fitted with state-of-the-art shock absorbers, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on all terrains. So why not help your child develop the new skills they need to build their confidence and enjoy the great outdoors with a brand-new trike?