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Give your child a smarT head start with these professional insights on healthy child development and practical advice to keep them active, engaged, and happy.
A baby being kept cool in a shaded stroller and sucking on their water bottle
SummerBeat the Heat: 5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Cool This Summer 2024Who doesn't enjoy a lovely hot and sunny day? Summer is the time for family picnics in the park, carefree days by the pool, or relaxing on the beach. However, hot summer months can be particularly challenging for babies and young children who are unable to regulate their body temperatures. As a parent, I always worry about my little ones getting dehydrated or suffering from heat stroke. That's why it's crucial to take measures to keep them cool and hydrated during the summer holiday period. 5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Cool in the Summer If you’re concerned about your baby during those hot summer months, here are some tips on how to cool down your baby in the heat: Dress your baby lightlyKeep your baby hydratedGive your baby a cool bathSchedule extra napsKeep your baby out of sunlight 1. Dress Your Baby Lightly Babies under six months old should be kept out of direct sunlight, as their skin hasn't developed enough melanin to protect them from harmful rays. For babies aged six months and older, it's still advisable to avoid excessive sun exposure. When going out on hot days, use a parasol and a wide-brimmed sunhat to protect their head and neck. Sunglasses can also be worn for added eye protection. Choose loose, lightweight, and breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen to cover your baby's body. I opt for cotton as it offers more comfort for my children. » Want more tips on how to keep your baby cool during summer? Find them here 2. Keep Your Baby Hydrated Fully breastfed babies don't need additional water until they start on solid food, but they may feed more frequently during hot weather. If your baby is between six and twelve months and has started on solids, offer small amounts of water between meals to keep them hydrated and prevent constipation. Your baby can have between 4 and 8 oz of water per day. Offering water in a cup or beaker is advised, but a Calpol syringe can be used as an alternative. 3. Give Your Baby a Cool Bath After a long, hot day, a cool bath is an excellent way to help your baby unwind. Use lukewarm water or water slightly cooler than their usual bath temperature. Baths have been proven to lower the body’s core temperature, aiding in restful sleep. You can also use towels dipped in tepid water at bedtime. During the heatwave of 2022, my children enjoyed extra splashes in the tub throughout the day. 4. Schedule Extra Naps Hot weather can make our bodies work harder to keep a consistent temperature, so don't be alarmed if your baby sleeps more during hotter periods of the day. They may be more active during cooler times to compensate for lost playtime. To keep your house comfortable, use loose cotton vests and rotating fans. 5. Keep Your Baby Out of Sunlight Babies under six months of age cannot regulate their temperature, so it's best to keep them indoors where you can monitor the temperature. The sun is strongest between 10 am and 4 pm; plan outdoor activities before 10 am or after 4 pm for safer playtime. Use stroller hoods, parasols, and stroller fans for added airflow when using a stroller or trike. A Safe and Comfortable Summer Summer is the perfect season for outdoor activities with our children. They can enjoy the freedom of fewer layers, but it's essential to prioritise heat safety. By following these tips, you can ensure a fun, safe, and comfortable summer for your little ones. For summer walks and outdoor activities, a well-designed stroller trike can make all the difference. One such option, the SmarTrike x Kelly Anna STR7, offers features that help keep your baby cool, such as an adjustable canopy-like hood and optimal airflow between the hood and the seat. Beyond heat safety, a good stroller trike can also provide visual stimulation, compact storage, and ease of use, ensuring you and your child make the most of your time together during the sunny months. By taking the necessary precautions and investing in products that enhance your baby's comfort and safety, you can create memorable summer experiences for the whole family.
A woman pushing a stroller with a baby in it
Prams and pushchairs10 Best Prams and Pushchairs of 2024: Top Choices for Every BudgetSelecting the ideal pram for your newborn from the multitude of available options can be daunting. While safety features like brakes, harnesses, and seating positions are vital for your baby's well-being and comfort, it's also vital to consider designs that foster parent-child bonding. For example, research shows that rear-facing prams enhance interaction more than front-facing ones, promoting better communication and connection. Recognising the challenge of balancing these considerations, we've crafted a curated list of the best prams and pushchairs of 2023 to help you find the perfect fit for your family's needs. Our Top Picks for the Best Prams and Pushchairs of 2023 1. Best Premium Pram - Silver Cross Reef2. Best Travel Pushchair - Joie Versatrax3. Best User-Friendly Pram - Mamas and Papas Ocarro4. Best Pram for a Newborn - smarTrike x Kelly Anna STR7 Stroller Trike5. Best Combination Pram - Nuna Triv and PIPA Urbn Bundle6. Best Ergonomic Pushchair - Uppababy Vista V27. Best Maneuverable Pram - Bugaboo Fox 58. Best Foldable Pram - Nuna Mixx Next9. Best Car Seat Stroller - Doona Infant Car Seat10. Best Versatile Pram - Venicci Tinum SE Pram 1. Best Premium Pram The Silver Cross Reef is a top-of-the-line pram for good reason. It's high quality and extremely durable, so it'll stay with you from the day you bring your little one home until they turn 4—which means you'll get your money's worth. The Reef comes with all the bells and whistles, so you can take the baby out no matter the weather and still have room to carry all your belongings. While the Reef costs more upfront, it’s worth it for parents who want a pram that can grow with their child and handle anything life throws at it. ProsSuitable from newborn through 4 years oldRain cover, sun shade, shopping basketAllows use in any weather conditionsConsExpensiveHeavier than some other pram optionsTakes up space 2. Best Travel Pushchair The Joie Versatrax stands out for parents with a penchant for travel. Designed to serve from birth to 4 years old, it can convert to accommodate infant carriers, carrycots, and car seats with the provided adapters, letting you shift smoothly between car and pram settings. This pushchair comes packed with durable attributes like foam-filled tires and a practical shopping basket. It also features a user-friendly one-hand fold mechanism. Despite its affordable price tag, the Versatrax doesn't skimp on essentials, offering both compactness and portability to ensure quality and convenience on every journey. ProsBudget-friendlyCompatible with car seats, carrycots, infant carriersCompact foldingConvenient cupholder includedConsLess longevityFabric and cushioning not as plush as luxury modelsBulky when in bassinet mode 3. Best User-Friendly Pram The Mamas and Papas Ocarro is best for parents seeking a high-quality stroller at a reasonable price. With features like one-hand fold, smooth manoeuvrability, and 4-wheel suspension, it handles rough terrains effortlessly. Plus, puncture-proof tires, a padded seat, and a head-support pillow ensure your baby's comfort. Despite not being the cheapest option, the Ocarro's premium features, from weather protection to ample storage, offer unbeatable value for those unwilling to compromise on quality and comfort. ProsEasy to useGood valueComfortableDurable tiresStorage spaceConsExpensiveHeavyBulky when folded 4. Best Pram for a Newborn The smarTrike x Kelly Anna STR7 Stroller Trike is more than just a stroller; it seamlessly converts to a trike, making it a perfect companion from the newborn to toddler stage. This unique 6-stage trike starts serving at just six months, with one-handed steering for parent control, shock absorbers for smooth rides, and a safety-centric design featuring head support and cross-body straps. The two captivating designs by artist and mother Kelly Anna not only appeal visually but also ensure a stimulating ride. It's the ideal blend of growth, safety, and innovation for young ones transitioning to self-reliance. ProsHead support and cross-body strapsOne-hand steeringStroller-certifiedTransforms into an independent riding trikeAdjustable handlebar and seatDurable frameConsLimited color optionsHeavier than some strollersLarger than compact alternatives » Explore the best stroller trikes for active kids 5. Best Combination Pram The Nuna Triv and PIPA Urbn bundle delivers a top-tier stroller and car seat combo tailored for those desiring luxury within a reasonable budget. The PIPA infant car seat easily integrates with both the car and the Triv stroller, which features all-wheel suspension and one-touch braking. Despite its higher price point compared to basic travel systems, this bundle presents unmatched value with its blend of compact design, seamless adaptability, and superior functionality. ProsCar seat includedQuick car seat to stroller transferSuspension systemCompact foldBraking systemConsPricier than basic optionsHeavier than some strollersLess storage than larger models 6. Best Ergonomic Pushchair The Uppababy Vista V2 offers a premium convertible stroller experience, adapting effortlessly from a single to a double configuration. Accommodating up to three children, it comes with a bassinet, toddler seat, extendable UPF 50+ canopies, and a spacious basket. While it's accompanied by a higher price tag, the stroller's luxe fabrics, full-grain leather details, and impeccable design make it a valuable investment for parents seeking versatility, aesthetic appeal, and superior craftsmanship. ProsConverts from single to double strollerLuxury fabricsLeather detailsAccommodates up to 3 kidsConsExpensiveHeavy and bulky even in single configurationTakes up substantial storage space 7. Best Maneuverable Pram The Bugaboo Fox 5 is a premium all-terrain stroller tailored for parents who value top-tier performance and design. With features like a one-hand fold, advanced suspension, and puncture-proof wheels, it ensures smooth rides and effortless manoeuvrability. While it comes at a steeper price, its sustainable and modular construction, combined with cutting-edge engineering, makes it a worthwhile investment for those keen who want a high-performance stroller that can tackle any terrain. ProsAll-terrainOne-hand fold mechanismExtendable seatDurable wheelsLightweight frameConsExpensiveMechanism can take some practice to masterLess storage 8. Best Foldable Pram The Nuna Mixx Next stands out as a budget-friendly pram that offers impressive versatility, transitioning seamlessly from bassinet to car seat and then to toddler seat. Even at its accessible price, it promises a compact, self-standing fold and all-terrain capability, bolstered by rear-wheel suspension for smoother journeys. While it may not boast luxury extras, this pram ensures parents get essential features and reliable performance without a hefty price tag. ProsAffordableCompact, self-standing foldMultiple modesLocks when foldedConsSeat may not be as plush as higher-end modelsLimited colour optionsWheels may not perform well off-road 9. Best Car Seat Stroller The Doona Infant Car Seat, a fully integrated travel system, is a standout choice for parents prioritising safety and convenience. Transitioning effortlessly from car seat to stroller without assembly, it boasts a 5-point harness, adjustable handlebar, and a dual security system tailored for growing infants. Although not the cheapest on the market, the Doona offers an optimal balance of protection, functionality, and value, making it an astute pick for those in search of a comprehensive mobility solution. ProsFully integrated car seat and stroller5-point harnessAdjustablePortableConsHeavyExpensiveLimited colour and pattern options 10. Best Versatile Pram The Venicci Tinum SE, crafted with a lightweight aluminium frame, is an ideal choice for budget-conscious parents seeking portability and style. Balancing its affordability with essential features like easy manoeuvrability and contemporary accessories, such as the matching nappy bag, it ensures reliable everyday functionality. It stands out as a practical option for families looking for value without sacrificing quality. ProsLightweight aluminium frameEasy fold mechanismAffordable priceContemporary stylingConsNo parent console, cup holder, or adjustable handlebarLess durableLimited add-ons Find the Perfect Pram for Every Budget When choosing the right pram or pushchair, there are excellent options across all price points. Lower-budget models like the Joie Versatrax and Venicci Tinum provide portability and versatility without breaking the bank. For those able to spend more, mid-range options like the Nuna Mixx Next and Ocarro offer greater features and durability, and luxury choices like the Uppababy Vista and Bugaboo Fox cater to parents who prioritise premium materials and innovative engineering. While needs and budgets vary, one standout pick is the smarTrike x Kelly Anna STR7 for its six-stage adaptability that truly grows alongside your child from infant to toddler years. Whatever you’re looking for in a pram or pushchair, you can find a perfect pick at your ideal price.
Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: a woman pushing her kid on a trike.
TrikesGlobber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: An Expert AnalysisAccording to Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust research, physical activity promotes children's growth. Trikes can be an excellent way for your kid to develop motor skills and have fun. But a tricycle is more than just a fun ride—it should be safe. For example, SmarTrike's STR3 has a five-point safety harness, and the Globber Explorer Trike has silent wheels. But there are other important factors, such as adjustability and age-appropriate design. So, let's explore their features in-depth and see which is the best trike for your kid's needs. Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3 at a Glance Globber Explorer Trike SmarTrike STR3Safety FeaturesFive-point safety harness, safety bar, anti-UV CanopyParent control, five-point safety harness, safety bar, stroller, safety certifiedAdjustability and Grow-With-Me FeaturesTricycle and balance bike functionality, age range from 10 months+ to five yearsFrom 10 months, adaptable according to your kid's ageQuality and DurabilityDurable construction, puncture-resistant tyresDurable construction, puncture-resistant tyresComfortSilent wheelsShock-absorbing wheelsAssembly and PortabilityAssembly required, not foldableAssembly required, not foldableTerrain and UseLimited terrainVersatile terrainPrice$199.99 (On Globber's US site)£111.99 » Explore how riding tricycles can enhance your child's overall well-being Globber Explorer Trike The Globber Explorer Trike is a multifunctional ride for kids from 10 months to five years. The parental steering handle gives you more control during your kid's first rides. As your little one grows, the Globber 4-in-1 Explorer Trike can transform into a bike suitable for ages two to five, giving you more value for the money spent. But, this tricycle does use a lot of space and may be challenging to assemble. ProsWide age rangeParental steering handleConverts to balance bikeDurable constructionConsComplicated for assemblyBulky for storageLimited colour options » Find out at what age your kid can begin riding a tricycle SmarTrike STR3 The SmarTrike STR3 is suitable for kids as young as 10 months, making it a good investment if you want a tricycle that grows with your kid. The safety certification makes it a one-of-a-kind stroller-trike hybrid. To help your kid manoeuvre over rugged terrain, you can use the one-handed steering mechanism. You also get shock absorbers to ensure a comfortable ride on uneven surfaces. ProsVersatile stroller-trike hybridOne-handed steering for easy manoeuvrabilityStroller-certified safetyQuick transition from stroller to trikeShock absorbers for comfortConsTakes up more storage spaceComplex assembly Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: Safety Features Globber Explorer Trike The Globber Explorer Trike comes with a five-point safety harness, a protective safety bar, and an anti-UV canopy. SmarTrike STR3 The SmarTrike STR3 includes shock-absorbing wheels, a five-point safety harness, and a safety bar. You can also control it with the one-handed steering wheel to help your kid navigate rugged terrain. Winner: SmarTrike STR3 » Read an in-depth review about the SmarTrike STR3 Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: Adjustability Globber Explorer Trike The Globber Explorer Trike can be a tricycle for toddlers as young as 10 months, and a balance bike suitable for kids from two to five years old. SmarTrike STR3 The SmarTrike STR3 features a modular design that adapts as your child grows, giving your kid a perfect fit for various developmental stages. Winner: SmarTrike STR3 Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: Assembly & Portability Globber Explorer Trike You can assemble the Globber Explorer Trike without tools. It's also lightweight. SmarTrike STR3 The SmarTrike STR3 comes with a tool-free assembly. You can also make the trike portable using the folding mechanism. All you need to do is unlock and collapse the frame. Winner: Both the Globber Explorer Trike and SmarTrike STR3 » Find out how riding a tricycle benefits a child's physical and cognitive development Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: Terrain & Use Globber Explorer Trike The Globber Explorer Trike can handle various terrains, ensuring your child can enjoy their tricycle on different outdoor surfaces. SmarTrike STR3 With advanced shock absorbers and large wheels, the SmarTrike STR3 can tackle multiple terrains. Winner: Both the Globber Explorer Trike and SmarTrike STR3 Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: Price Globber Explorer Trike The Globber Explorer Trike comes with a basic 30-day warranty. SmarTrike STR3 The SmarTrike STR3 includes a money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty. Plus, you get financing options. Winner: SmarTrike STR3 Globber Explorer Trike vs SmarTrike STR3: The Right Choice The SmarTrike STR3 outperforms the Globber Explorer in terms of safety, adjustability, ease of construction, terrain diversity, and warranty coverage. Your kid gets a high-quality, customisable tricycle with increased safety and convenience.
SmarTrike Breeze Plus: a boy riding a trike.
TrikesSmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Choosing the Right TrikeChoosing a tricycle for your kid is about ensuring its safety while promoting the love of outdoor physical activities while they grow. The SmarTrike Breeze Plus and the Smoby Trike are great options if you're looking for the best trike for your toddler. But, there are some critical differences between the two models. From safety features to age-appropriate designs, let's delve into factors that make these two models stand out, SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike at a Glance SmarTrike Breeze PlusSmoby TrikeSafety FeaturesControl mode, puncture-resistant tyres, shock absorptionWide handlebars, stable 3-wheel setupAdjustability and Grow-With-Me FeaturesModular designFixed age range (15 months to three years)Quality and Durability Puncture-resistant tyres Silent wheelsComfortShock-absorbing technology, three-tiered foldable canopy Ergonomic and comfortable seat, rear tipper skipAssembly and PortabilityAssembly required, tools provided, not foldableAssembly required, not FoldableTerrain and UseTerrain versatilityLimited to smooth surfacesPrice£71.99£42 SmarTrike Breeze Plus The SmarTrike Breeze Plus is an excellent choice for children 15 months and older. The innovative touch-steering technology helps with coordination and boosts children's confidence. As your youngster grows, Smartrike Breeze adds multiple configurations to adjust its size. The parent/child control mode increases the adaptability even further, giving your kid added safety in crowded or potentially hazardous environments. Your kid also gets puncture-resistant tyres with shock-absorbing technology for a comfortable ride on various terrains. Plus, the three-tiered foldable canopy provides added comfort and protection for rain and sunlight. ProsVersatile 4-in-1 designInnovative touch steering technologyParent and child control modePuncture-resistant tyresThree-tiered foldable canopyMultiple configurationsConsComplex assemblyLimited weight capacity Smoby Trike The Smoby 3-in-1 Trike—also known as the Smoby Trike in pink—is suitable for children from 15 months to three years. With the parental steering control, you can steer your kid's tricycle in crowded areas where they need more help. To help your kid develop motor skills and coordination as it pedals and steers, the Smoby Trike has a stable 3-wheel design with broad handlebars. It also has silent wheels to reduce noise, an ergonomic seat, and a rear tipper for transporting toys. ProsParental steering controlStable three wheel designErgonomic seatSilent wheelsRear tipper skipConsLimited age rangeNot suitable for taller childrenTime-consuming assembly » Check out the best stroller trikes for active kids SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Safety Features SmarTrike Breeze Plus Safety is paramount in the SmarTrike Breeze Plus. The parent/child control mode, puncture-resistant tyres, and shock-absorbing wheels ensure worry-free outdoor adventures for you and your kid. Smoby Trike The design ensures safety thanks to key features such as parental steering control, wide handlebars, and a stable 3-wheel setup. Winner: Both SmarTrike Breeze Plus and Smoby Trike SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Adjustability SmarTrike Breeze Plus A modular design that adapts to your growing child. Smoby Trike: It's designed for children aged 15 months to three years. Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Assembly & Portability SmarTrike Breeze Plus The trike isn't portable. It requires assembly, but you get the tools with the purchase. Smoby Trike It requires assembly but comes without tools. Additionally, the tricycle isn't portable. Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Terrain & Use SmarTrike Breeze Plus The SmarTrike Breeze Plus features large, shock- and puncture-resistant wheels, allowing it to navigate various terrains easily. Smoby Trike with Rugged Wheels Smoby Trike's wheels are limited to smoother surfaces. Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Price SmarTrike Breeze Plus: The SmarTrike Breeze Plus provides a money-back guarantee, a 2-year warranty, and financing options for an appealing pricing package. Smoby Trike: The Smoby Trike features a limited 30-day refund policy. Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus Riding into Fun and Safety: The Clear Winner While the Smoby Trike offers advantages such as parental steering control, it lacks adaptability and terrain capability. The ultimate winner is the SmarTrike Breeze Plus, which offers more safety features, adaptability, and terrain versatility. Plus, its money-back guarantee, 2-year warranty, and financing choices give assurance and affordability.
A little girl riding a tricycle on a sidewalk.
Classic trikes5 Best Tricycles for Toddlers: Making Outdoor Play More Fun"Are trikes good for toddlers?" is a question many parents, including myself, often ponder. It's amazing to see children in their carefree world! As parents, we may worry during the toddler stage, but that's natural. Outdoor play is an essential part of a toddler's development, as it can be hard to get them to sit still for 5 minutes. It helps develop physical activity and motor skills, gives them a sense of exploration, and encourages social play behaviours, whether independent or in groups. Personally, I've questioned what type of wheels would be needed for better balance and stability, how adjustable the seats and handlebars are for the height needs of my children as well as the all-important safety factor. Our Top Picks for the Best Tricycles for Toddlers The Best Overall Tricycle for Toddlers – 5-in-1 STR3 Folding Stroller TrikeThe Best Adjustable Tricycle for Toddlers - Kinderkraft Spinstep 5-in-1 Tricycle The Best Modular Tricycle for Toddlers - 4-in-1 Swing DLX Toddler Tricycle The Best Convertible Tricycle for Toddlers - Globber Explorer Trike The Best Durable Tricycle for Toddlers - Schwinn Roadster 12-inch Trike 1. The Best Overall Tricycle for Toddlers The 5-in-1 STR3 Folding Stroller Trike is an easy-to-use, stylish trike. This push trike for toddlers is designed to start out as a stroller for an infant as young as 10 months and to grow with your child by manually adjusting to your kid's growth needs through five different stages. This stroller trike is perfect for outdoor play as it can navigate various terrains, such as grass and gravel paths, providing hours of entertainment for your child. With its effortless one-handed steering technology and shock absorbers, it stands out as a top push trike for toddlers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. Assembly is now tool-free, requiring only a few clicks to get started. ProsLightweight30-second transformation from stroller to trikeManually adjustable to your child's growth Accessories (bag, cup holder, etc)Footrest for kids Extendable canopySafety barConsNot suitable for children over 3Can take a while to learn to navigateMay not be ideal for long journeys 2. The Best Adjustable Trikes for Toddlers The Kinderkraft Spinstep 5-in-1 trike is perfect for turning everyday walks into exciting adventures from as early as 9 months old. When shopping for strollers, you may come across the term "modular design", which may be confusing. However, this simply means that with this trike, you can easily remove elements without the need for tools, making it customizable to your child's needs. The Spinstep also features a swivel seat, allowing your child to face you or the world, which is a fun and unique feature for a parent-child outing. Pros360-degree swivel seatModular designEasily adjustedWaterproof canopy hoodTwo brakes on rear wheelsConsCannot reclineNot foldable 3. The Best Modular Tricycle for Toddlers Navigating the outdoors is a cherished experience for young ones, and at SmarTrike, we emphasize safety without compromising on the joy of exploration. Addressing the question, "Are trikes good for toddlers?" our 4-in-1 Swing DLX Toddler Tricycle is suitable for children aged 15 months to 3 years and offers pedalling practice while you effortlessly steer with touch steering technology. Keep your little ones cool and protected from UV rays with the 3-tiered, foldable sun canopy, and use the attached large storage bag for all your and your toddler's necessities. Rest assured that our trikes come equipped with a 3-point harness and safety bar. Additionally, there is a toy basket so your child's favourite toy can join in on the adventure. Pros3-tiered and foldable canopyNon-slip training pedalsFoldable footrestToy basket3-point harness and safety barLarge storage bag4 adjustable configurationsTouch steering technologyConsSize and portabilityTrike is not foldableNo extended mudguard 4. The Best Convertible Tricycle for Toddlers The Globber Explorer Trike is a versatile 4-in-1 system that can be used as a baby tricycle and a balance bike. It is suitable for children aged 10 months to 5 years. It has four modes to choose from: Infant Trike Mode: With a 5-point safety harness, shoulder pads, high-back seat, safety bar, and footrest.Guided Trike Mode: For children aged 18 months and above, helping them learn how to steer.Training Trike Mode: From 24 months and up, allowing your child to test their steering and balance skills.Balance Bike Mode: Perfect for showing off their skills and confidence acquired from the infant trike mode. Pros5-point harness with paddingEasy to steer and adjustable handleRear braking systemConsNot foldable 5. The Best Durable Tricycle for Toddlers What comes to mind for me when I hear "big wheel trike for toddlers" is a classic three-wheeled bike with a seat that sits low to the ground, handlebars adorned with bright tassels, and possibly even a fun bell. What do you envision when you think of a trike? If you have the same preferences as me, then the Schwinn Roadster 12-inch Trike is worth checking out. This trike boasts a vintage style and sturdy steel frame, with a low centre of gravity and adjustable seat that's perfect for young, growing riders. ProsRetro DetailsAdjustable seatLow centre of gravityConsComes unassembledNot foldableNot a stroller trikeSuitable only for 2 to 4 years old Pedalling Towards the Perfect Choice At SmarTrike, we understand that choosing the right tricycle can be difficult. There are many factors to consider, but we hope to make your decision a little easier with this list of top trikes for outdoor activities. When choosing a trike, it’s important to consider not only the age range but also the height of the child. Our 5-in-1 STR3 Folding Stroller Trike model has a high-rise seat for optimal back support, even for slightly taller 3-year-olds. Additionally, think about the distance you’ll be traveling and whether you need a trike with extra accessories, such as a large storage bag like our 4-in-1 Swing DLX Toddler Tricycle includes. As a parent, safety is also a top priority. That’s why our trikes are adaptable for different terrains and meet all safety requirements.
A young child playing with a stroller in the park
Stroller trikesStroller Trike vs Stroller: Which is Best for Child Development?As a parent, choosing the right equipment for your child's development is crucial. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is best for your little one. One of the most debated topics is whether a stroller trike or a traditional stroller is better for child development. Both have their pros and cons, and it's essential to understand them before making a decision. So, let's explore the pros, key differences between strollers and stroller trikes, and the benefits of both for child development to help you decide which suits you and your child best. Benefits of Strollers In addition to being practical, strollers can also contribute significantly to your child's development. For instance, parent-facing strollers provide a golden chance for parents to engage their kids in conversation, pointing out various items and expanding their vocabulary. This interaction is crucial for young children still discovering the world. So strollers are not just handy for parents on the go; they're also a brilliant way to interact with your little one and aid their development. Stroller trikes might offer a more interactive travel experience but don't discount the many advantages of a standard stroller. Double strollers are ideal for parents with more than one child, providing a safe way to transport all your kiddies. Plus, the extra storage is a godsend for shopping trips and errands. Strollers are also durable and built to withstand wear and tear, proving to be a sound investment for parents. Stroller trikes can provide several benefits for children's physical and cognitive development. Here are some ways in which stroller trikes can help: Develop gross motor skillsImprove balance, coordination, and strengthProvide a cardiovascular workoutLearn cause and effectDevelop spatial awarenessProvide sensory stimulation Remember!Extended use of strollers may limit your child's physical activity, so it's important to balance stroller use with outdoor play. » Learn how to support your child through all developmental stages Benefits of Stroller Trikes Strollers have long been a favourite accessory for parents travelling with small children. But have you thought about a stroller alternative that could offer an equally fun experience for your little one while also promoting more engagement and development? Enter the stroller trike! Stroller trikes contribute to your child's development in several ways: Adapting to your child's needs: Stroller trikes can adjust to your child's requirements, with some models suitable for toddlers as young as three. This means you won't need to buy additional strollers or trikes as your child grows, making it a cost-effective option.Engaging your child: Unlike traditional strollers, which only allow your child to sit and observe, stroller trikes enable toddlers to steer and pedal, offering a more interactive experience. This promotes active play and aids in the development of gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.Teaching pedalling and steering: Learning to pedal and steer a trike is a valuable skill that can prepare your child for bike riding later in life, enhancing their balance and spatial awareness. Furthermore, stroller trikes are versatile, functioning both as a stroller and a trike. You can use them in parent-steering mode when shopping or walking in crowded areas, ensuring the experience is safer and more enjoyable for both you and your child. In contrast, strollers don't offer this adaptability, making stroller trikes a more practical alternative for busy parents. » Find the best stroller trike for your active child Stroller Trike vs Stroller Overall, stroller trikes offer a unique combination of physical and cognitive benefits that traditional strollers may not provide. However, it's important to choose the equipment that is age-appropriate, safe, and fits your child's needs. Let's break down the differences between the two. DesignA stroller trike is a hybrid between a stroller and a tricycle, while a stroller is designed solely for pushing a child. Stroller trikes typically have pedals and a handlebar for steering, while strollers have a handlebar for pushing. Age RangeStrollers are typically designed for infants and toddlers up to 3-4 years old, while stroller trikes are designed for children aged 1-5 years old. Physical DevelopmentStroller trikes can promote physical development by requiring children to pedal and steer, improving their balance, coordination, and strength. Strollers are mainly used for transportation and may not provide as much opportunity for physical activity. Cognitive DevelopmentStroller trikes can also promote cognitive development by encouraging children to learn about cause and effect, spatial awareness, and providing sensory stimulation. Strollers do not typically provide these cognitive benefits. SafetyBoth stroller trikes and strollers should meet safety standards, but stroller trikes may have additional safety features such as seat belts and adjustable parent handles. Make the Right Choice Both strollers and stroller trikes offer unique benefits. However, if you're after a practical and fun option that will help your child develop, stroller trikes could be a fantastic choice. They're adaptable, and since they're effectively strollers with pedals, can serve as both a stroller and a trike, making them a practical and fun option for both children and parents. Take the SmarTrike x Kelly Anna, for instance. It's a high-quality stroller trike that ensures a comfortable ride while facilitating your child's development. As your little one learns to pedal and steer, they gain independence and confidence, preparing them for future bike riding.
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Child development10 Best Indoor Toys for Kids: Fostering Development for All AgesWhen stuck inside, the right toys can make rainy days shine for kids while promoting healthy development. As children grow, their skills and interests change. According to a study, finding the right toys that align with their stage can nurture cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth. This guide covers top-rated indoor toys for babies through 10-year-olds. Let’s explore how these toys encourage learning through play. Our Top Picks for the Best Indoor Toys for Kids Best Overall Indoor Toy for Kids - SmarTrike 3-in-1 Activity CenterBest Indoor Climbing Toy for Toddlers - Little Tikes 7′ Climb ‘N Slide TrampolineBest Indoor Toy for Three-Year-Olds - Skywalker Trampolines Springless Mini Trampoline with Enclosure NetBest Energy Burning Toy for Toddlers - SmarTrike 2-in-1 Indoor TrampolineBest Indoor Toy for Four-Year-Olds - Upper Bounce Mini TrampolineBest Foldable Indoor Toy for Kids - Little Tikes Easy Store 3’ TrampolineBest Indoor Basketball Toy for Kids - Skywalker Trampolines 8-Foot Trampoline with Safety EnclosureBest Indoor Toy for Seven-Year-Olds - Doufit Oval Indoor/Outdoor TrampolineBest Indoor Sports Toy for Kids - Jump Power Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline & Safety Net Swing ComboBest Active Toy for 10-Year-Olds - Skywalker Trampolines – Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure 1. Best Overall Indoor Toy for Kids The 3-in-1 Activity Center: Trampoline & Ball Pit stands out as an excellent indoor toy because it allows children to engage in sensory play as early as 10 months old. As your child grows older, this activity centre can be transformed into a trampoline with a handle, providing a secure environment for physical development when they reach 12 months of age. At 24 months and beyond, the handle can be folded down to allow your child to focus on bouncing. ProsEnables early sensory play10 months to 24+ monthsUsable regardless of outdoor conditionsEnsures physical developmentConsNeeds supervision for younger kidsOccupies indoor space 2. Best Indoor Climbing Toy for Toddlers The 7-foot Climb 'N Slide Trampoline from Little Trikes, one of the leading indoor climbing toys for kids, is an excellent tool for encouraging physical growth in toddlers. This trampoline promotes both physical and cognitive development with features like a slide and trampoline. Moreover, children aged 3-10 years can use it, making it a long-lasting investment that can be shared among multiple kids, saving the need to purchase extra toys. Additionally, two zipper enclosures ensure safe play, while pad protectors cover the safety springs. ProsEncourages physical growth in toddlersEnhances both fine and gross motor skillsLong-lasting investmentEnsures safe play ConsNot sun-resistantDegrading pads and foamFragile netting 3. Best Indoor Toy for Three-Year-Olds Looking for the perfect indoor toy for your three-year-old? Look no further than the Skywalker Trampolines Springless Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net. Jumping on the Skywalker trampoline promotes gross motor skills, and the jump mat even has numbers and animals printed on it, making it a great tool for teaching recognition. ProsPromotes gross motor skills Jump mat features numbers and animalsEnclosure netTested for both safety and durability.Long-lasting investmentConsIndoor use primarilyLimited size for older kidsMuted color palette 4. Best Energy Burning Toy for Toddlers The SmarTrike 2-in-1 Indoor Trampoline is one of the best indoor toys for active toddlers. Starting as early as 12 months, this trampoline stands out among indoor energy-burning toys for toddlers. Its padded frame encourages toddlers to develop balance and gross motor skills while bouncing independently in a safe and fun environment. For toddlers with a lot of energy who are always on the move, the SmarTrike provides an excellent outlet for them to channel their energy, ensuring they remain active and engaged even when indoors. ProsDevelopment of balance and gross motor skillsQuick and easy assembly Compact folding makes it easy to storeNo springs ensure added safetyPadded frame provides extra protectionConsRequires indoor space for setup and useNot suitable for older kids 5. Best Indoor Toy for Four-Year-Olds The Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline stands out as one of the best indoor toys for four-year-olds. It's designed to cater to the advanced motor skills of 4-year-olds, allowing them to jump and play with more freedom. The adjustable height handlebar ensures that the trampoline grows with your child, providing a comfortable and safe jumping experience. ProsDesigned specifically for 4-year-olds.Adjustable height handlebarFolds in half Sturdy construction ensures durability and safetyConsRequires assemblyPotential wear and tear Specific weight capacity 6. Best Foldable Indoor Toy for Kids The Little Tikes Easy Store 3' trampoline is convenient and foldable, which makes it perfect for an indoor energy-burning toy for toddlers. It's easy to set up and store away, and it's specially designed for indoor home use. This is great for energetic toddlers who need to release some energy before bedtime, and it can be easily stowed away when not in use. ProsExcellent energy burner Foam grip on the safety barDesigned for safe indoor useEasy storage Durable construction for prolonged useConsRequires a designated space for setupPotential wear and tear with regular useLimited to indoor use only 7. Best Indoor Basketball Toy for Kids For parents searching for indoor toys for five-year-olds, this trampoline stands out. The Skywalker Trampolines 8-Foot Trampoline with Safety Enclosure is an excellent indoor basketball toy that offers both safety and durability. It has a no-gap enclosure, which eliminates dangerous gaps where fingers could be caught. ProsIdeal for indoor basketballEnhances hand-eye coordinationSafe no-gap enclosure designRust-resistant materialsIncreased frame stabilityConsLimited to 175 lbs user weightPotential wear over timeLimited warranty duration 8. Best Indoor Toy for Seven-Year-Olds The Doufit Oval Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline is a standout among indoor active toys for seven-year-olds. As kids grow, their energy and need for movement only increase, making this trampoline a perfect choice. The handlebar ensures safety, while the jumping activity helps improve balance, coordination, and stamina. ProsSupports duo jumpingEnhances balance and coordinationSafe handlebar designIdeal for indoor recessConsRequires partial disassembly to move between roomsRequires ample spaceLimited weight capacity 9. Best Indoor Sports Toy for Kids The Jump Power Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline & Safety Net Swing Combo is an excellent product in the world of indoor sports toys. This product combines the excitement of a trampoline and a swing in one. This indoor sports solution offers fun and safety, including jumping and swinging, with a spring safety pad and rust resistance. ProsTrampoline and swing comboEnhances gross motor skillsSafe spring pad includedRust-resistant designVersatile indoor sports optionConsRequires spacious setupAssembly might be complexLimited to 80 lbs user weight 10. Best Active Toy for Ten-Year-Olds The Skywalker Trampolines – Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure is a top-tier choice among indoor active toys for ten-year-olds. The no-gap enclosure ensures a safe jumping experience by eliminating dangerous gaps. Its rust-resistant frame and increased stability make it a reliable choice. Furthermore, the rectangle trampoline's springs work independently, providing a more controlled and responsive bounce. ProsNo-gap enclosure for safetyRust-resistant frameIndependent spring mechanismDurable and stable designConsRequires ample spacePotential wear with timeAssembly might be complex Maximizing Indoor Play for Holistic Development The SmarTrike 3-in-1 Activity Center and 2-in-1 Indoor Trampoline stand out as exceptional choices for indoor toys. Beyond mere entertainment, these toys play a pivotal role in fostering a child's gross motor skills, enhancing physical strength, and building self-confidence. By integrating such toys into a child's playtime, parents can ensure a holistic development that seamlessly blends fun with learning.
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Child developmentTrikes for Toddlers: How Trikes Assist Motor Skill DevelopmentAs parents, we naturally want to support our toddler's motor skill development. Trikes, or three-wheeled bicycles, offer a comfortable riding position by seating riders lower than conventional bicycles, and they can help in teaching essential skills such as steering and pedalling. But are trikes easy to ride? Absolutely—they are perfect for kids who are just learning to ride because they are stable and easy to control. Children can start riding pedal bikes, including trikes, from age 2. Motor development, which encompasses the physical growth and strengthening of a child's bones, muscles, and ability to move, plays a vital role in a child's overall well-being. What Are Gross Motor Skills in Child Development? Gross motor skills begin developing in infancy and continue to improve throughout childhood. They involve large body movements and the ability to control them, requiring the use of the large muscles in the arms, legs, and torso. The importance of gross motor skills cannot be overstated, as they serve as a foundation for fine motor skills such as writing. Difficulty with gross motor skills can impact a child's life in various ways, including their performance in school and overall quality of life. Benefits of Trikes to Motor Skill Development Motor development in early childhood is crucial to a child's overall growth, encompassing the physical strengthening of bones, muscles, and the ability to move. When do gross motor skills develop? Children begin developing gross motor skills as small babies, with these skills evolving from birth to 5 years, and gross motor skills developing before fine motor skills. Some examples of gross motor skills include: BalanceSittingRunningJumpingPushing and pullingCoordination Trikes, three-wheeled bicycles that sit lower than standard bikes and offer a more comfortable riding position, may be extremely beneficial in acquiring these abilities. They're ideal for children who are just starting to ride since they are small and light and can help youngsters improve their balance, coordination, and leg strength, which are all necessary for other physical activities such as running and jumping. Additionally, pushing and pulling a tricycle engages both arms, helping develop upper body strength and coordination. By encouraging your child to ride a tricycle, you can support the development of key gross motor skills that will benefit them for years to come. Better Balance Riding a trike improves balance, which is critical for gross motor skills development. As you watch your child ride their trike, you will notice their confidence build as they become more skilled at navigating their environment. They will not only improve their balance, but they will also build their muscles as they pedal, steer, and navigate past obstacles. Your youngster will also enjoy riding their tricycle as they explore their environment and enjoy the freedom of mobility that it provides. There is no better way to improve gross motor skills than through play, and tricycling is a fun exercise that the entire family can enjoy. Improved Coordination Coordination, the ability to use multiple body parts for a particular action (like steering and pedalling), is another area where trikes help children develop. Trikes assist children in developing bilateral coordination—the ability to use both sides of the body together in a coordinated way. Bilateral coordination is important because many movements and actions require the use of both sides of the body, such as walking, catching balls, and playing. Riding a tricycle helps develop hand-eye coordination and arm-leg coordination, as children need to pedal while holding onto the handlebars with both hands. Increased Strength Children can enhance their general strength and stamina by riding a tricycle regularly. This is especially beneficial to kids who have low muscle tone or weak muscles. Riding a trike can also help toddlers improve their posture by strengthening the muscles in their trunk and back, allowing them to sit up straight and maintain good posture throughout the day. Riding a trike is also an excellent way to encourage youngsters to be active and interested in physical play. It can help them gain confidence in their talents and feel more at ease when confronted with physical obstacles. Empower Your Child's Motor Skills with Trikes Supporting and helping your child improve their motor skills is one of the greatest gifts you can give them, and trikes can play a crucial role in this journey. Consider exploring Smartrike’s stroller trikes, like the 5-in-1 STR3 Folding Stroller Trike, which promote activity and exploration from an early age, supporting your child's motor skill development and independence.
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Stroller trikes4 Best Stroller Alternatives for Active Families & Growing ToddlersStrollers are truly a godsend for parents on the go. They offer our little ones a comfy ride, keep them safe, and conveniently carry all our essentials—diapers, groceries, coffee, you name it. So why would there be the need for an alternative? I can give two examples of why I personally would prefer to just leave my stroller at home: It's big, so I don’t want to carry it around andMy toddler is active. And I mean active; he will not sit in his stroller for more than 10 minutes without fussing, crying, or literally fighting the 5-point harness to get out. So, if you're yearning for a stroller-free outing or your toddler prefers an active role in your adventures, here are four fantastic alternatives to traditional strollers: Best Grow-with-Me Stroller Best Stroller Alternative for Travel Best Stroller Alternative for Hiking Best Stroller Alternative for Active Toddlers 1. Best Grow-With-Me Stroller Our STR7 Stroller Trike, is the perfect solution for families seeking an alternative with all the perks of a traditional stroller. It boasts a comfortable high-back seat, leg and footrests for babies and toddlers alike and even a hooded canopy for UV protection. Plus, with patented touch steering technology and shock absorbers, your child's ride will be smooth as silk. If that doesn’t make you tingle, then maybe knowing it features a 5-point harness and a safety bar might do the trick. You can be rest assured that your child will be safe which makes this stroller trike fun for both you and your child for a long time. The trike adapts to your child's developmental stages. In parent mode, you have full control while your child enjoys the ride. As they grow, they can start pedaling themselves, which aids in developing essential motor skills. It's the perfect all-in-one for kids aged 6-36 months. 2. Best Stroller Alternative for Travel A 3-in-1 ride-on push car is a stroller, walking car, and ride-on car all in one. Its playful car design is sure to captivate both you and your child, making it a fun way to explore the outdoors together. For little ones who aren't too keen on the great outdoors, this car could be their ticket to adventure. And for those who just don't want to sit in a stroller, this is a fun, exciting alternative. The horn and steering wheel sounds turn any outing into a joyride, despite it being a bit tricky to push. » Find out how to get your toddler pedalling 3. Best Stroller Alternative for Hiking Part of the fun of hiking, is taking a backpack with refreshments and other essentials you might need along the way, right? Perhaps, you miss going for hikes or long trail walks? Or you want to take your toddler but are unsure of the best and safest way to do so. A hiking carrier might just be the ticket. Designed for weight distribution, these carriers make it easier to carry your baby on your back, eliminating the need for extra bags thanks to ample storage. Padded waist belts and an advanced safety belt protect your baby from falls. The carrier also allows for unique engagement between parent and child, as they feel like they're walking alongside you. » Boost your toddler's gross motor skills with these fun activities 4. Best Stroller Alternative for Active Toddlers If, like me, you have an extremely active child who loves to play, needs to run, always be on the go, then the Breeze Plus Toddler Tricycle could be just the thing you need. This 4-in-1 tricycle ensures a smooth ride with patented touch steering and a state-of-the-art shock-absorbing mechanism. With the extendable canopy, removable safety bar, and 3-point harness, safety is a top priority. This tricycle helps your child master new skills and promotes independence through three stages of development: Stage 1 – 15+ Months: Your toddler sits upright, uses the footrests, and explores with their hands. It helps create opportunities for your child to develop and master new skills. Stage 2 – 18+ Months: Your toddler starts pedaling, encouraging independence and strengthening their leg muscles. They also start learning to steer, even while you maintain control.Stage 3 – 24+ Months: Now you can start handing over control. Your child can climb onto their tricycle, pedal, and explore the world, communicating with those around them and enjoying newfound freedom. Just don't forget to strap a helmet on their head! Steering Towards Family Fun There's a world of stroller alternatives out there, and we've handpicked these four to suit different needs and scenarios. Remember, if you have an active toddler, both the stroller trike and the toddler tricycle are equally beneficial and fun. So why not shake things up a bit? Ditch the traditional stroller and explore the world in style with a classic tricycle or a fully folding stroller trike. They're not just fun and exciting, they're a new way to enjoy the great outdoors with your little one.