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SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Choosing the Right Trike

Find your way around children's tricycles smoothly with our elaborate comparison

Tatiana Kopyrina - Writer for smarTrike
By Tatiana Kopyrina
Dorian Rhode
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Updated October 24, 2023.

SmarTrike Breeze Plus: a boy riding a trike.

Choosing a tricycle for your kid is about ensuring its safety while promoting the love of outdoor physical activities while they grow.

The SmarTrike Breeze Plus and the Smoby Trike are great options if you're looking for the best trike for your toddler. But, there are some critical differences between the two models.

From safety features to age-appropriate designs, let's delve into factors that make these two models stand out,

SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike at a Glance

SmarTrike Breeze PlusSmoby Trike
Safety FeaturesControl mode, puncture-resistant tyres, shock absorptionWide handlebars, stable 3-wheel setup
Adjustability and Grow-With-Me FeaturesModular designFixed age range (15 months to three years)
Quality and Durability Puncture-resistant tyres Silent wheels
ComfortShock-absorbing technology, three-tiered foldable canopy Ergonomic and comfortable seat, rear tipper skip
Assembly and PortabilityAssembly required, tools provided, not foldableAssembly required, not Foldable
Terrain and UseTerrain versatilityLimited to smooth surfaces

SmarTrike Breeze Plus

The SmarTrike Breeze Plus is an excellent choice for children 15 months and older. The innovative touch-steering technology helps with coordination and boosts children's confidence.

As your youngster grows, Smartrike Breeze adds multiple configurations to adjust its size. The parent/child control mode increases the adaptability even further, giving your kid added safety in crowded or potentially hazardous environments.

Your kid also gets puncture-resistant tyres with shock-absorbing technology for a comfortable ride on various terrains. Plus, the three-tiered foldable canopy provides added comfort and protection for rain and sunlight.


  • Versatile 4-in-1 design
  • Innovative touch steering technology
  • Parent and child control mode
  • Puncture-resistant tyres
  • Three-tiered foldable canopy
  • Multiple configurations


  • Complex assembly
  • Limited weight capacity

Smoby Trike

The Smoby 3-in-1 Trike—also known as the Smoby Trike in pink—is suitable for children from 15 months to three years. With the parental steering control, you can steer your kid's tricycle in crowded areas where they need more help.

To help your kid develop motor skills and coordination as it pedals and steers, the Smoby Trike has a stable 3-wheel design with broad handlebars. It also has silent wheels to reduce noise, an ergonomic seat, and a rear tipper for transporting toys.


  • Parental steering control
  • Stable three wheel design
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Silent wheels
  • Rear tipper skip


  • Limited age range
  • Not suitable for taller children
  • Time-consuming assembly

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SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Safety Features

SmarTrike Breeze Plus

Safety is paramount in the SmarTrike Breeze Plus. The parent/child control mode, puncture-resistant tyres, and shock-absorbing wheels ensure worry-free outdoor adventures for you and your kid.

Smoby Trike

The design ensures safety thanks to key features such as parental steering control, wide handlebars, and a stable 3-wheel setup.

Winner: Both SmarTrike Breeze Plus and Smoby Trike

SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Adjustability

SmarTrike Breeze Plus

A modular design that adapts to your growing child.

Smoby Trike:

It's designed for children aged 15 months to three years.

Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus

SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Assembly & Portability

SmarTrike Breeze Plus

The trike isn't portable. It requires assembly, but you get the tools with the purchase.

Smoby Trike

It requires assembly but comes without tools. Additionally, the tricycle isn't portable.

Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus

SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Terrain & Use

SmarTrike Breeze Plus

The SmarTrike Breeze Plus features large, shock- and puncture-resistant wheels, allowing it to navigate various terrains easily.

Smoby Trike with Rugged Wheels

Smoby Trike's wheels are limited to smoother surfaces.

Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus

SmarTrike Breeze Plus vs Smoby Trike: Price

SmarTrike Breeze Plus:

The SmarTrike Breeze Plus provides a money-back guarantee, a 2-year warranty, and financing options for an appealing pricing package.

Smoby Trike:

The Smoby Trike features a limited 30-day refund policy.

Winner: SmarTrike Breeze Plus

Riding into Fun and Safety: The Clear Winner

While the Smoby Trike offers advantages such as parental steering control, it lacks adaptability and terrain capability.

The ultimate winner is the SmarTrike Breeze Plus, which offers more safety features, adaptability, and terrain versatility. Plus, its money-back guarantee, 2-year warranty, and financing choices give assurance and affordability.