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Gross Motor Skills in Child Development: Age 6 Months - 3 Years

Tatiana Kopyrina - Writer for smarTrike
By Tatiana Kopyrina
Davor Štefanović - Editor for smarTrike
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Updated April 17, 2023.

Mother and child playing with toys on the floor

Gross motor skills are essential for everyday physical activities, from a baby's earliest movements to a young child's coordination of whole-body movements. Children's gross motor skills include activities such as sitting, crawling, running, jumping, and throwing. This blog will focus specifically on the development of gross motor skills in children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years.

6 Months–1 Year

Between the ages of 6 months and 1 year, infants typically develop a range of gross motor skills. While some babies may learn quicker than others and progress can start and stop, babies may gain skills, including:

  • Turning their heads
  • Rolling over on their own
  • Reaching for their feet
  • Sitting unassisted
  • Pulling on furniture in order to stand up
  • Standing with support

Visual stimulation is essential for babies as it promotes brain development and enhances their learning and focus through engagement with diverse patterns. Providing opportunities for your child to engage in activities that stimulate their senses can help support their overall development, including the development of their motor skills. One way to provide such stimulation is through the use of a toy or activity that is both engaging and safe for your child. For instance, the SmarTrike x Kelly Anna STR7 Stroller Trike is a great option that you can use as soon as your baby is six months old.

It allows children to keep their feet on the pedals and move the handlebar without actually steering or controlling the wheels, ensuring that parents have full control until they decide that the baby is ready to steer. This not only provides visual stimulation to babies but also helps develop their motor skills while keeping them safe. As such, it can be an excellent tool for supporting your child's overall physical development.

1–2 Years

Between the ages of 1 and 2 years, children experience rapid physical development. As they grow, they become increasingly capable of performing various activities, including:

  • Taking steps without support
  • Crawling up the stairs and creeping back down
  • Squatting down to pick something up
  • Seating themselves on small chairs
  • Pulling a toy behind them while walking
  • Attempting to run

At this stage, children are becoming increasingly interested in their environment and are eager to explore. Taking your little one out on walks with a stroller can be a great way to help them observe and learn more about the world around them. The STR5 Folding Pushchair Trike is a fantastic tool for promoting your child's development while having fun, and it's suitable for children aged 9 months or older.

This stroller trike allows your baby to keep their feet on the pedals and handlebar without actually having to steer or control the wheels, while you have full control as a parent until your little one is ready to take the wheel. The STR5 Folding Pushchair Trike can help your child learn motor skills, and develop their coordination and sense of direction, all while enjoying a safe ride. Once your child is independent enough, you can give them the control to steer the trike, which can further enhance their development and provide them with a sense of independence.

2–3 Years

Between the ages of 2 and 3 years, children display an enhanced capacity to move around and engage with their environment. At this stage, they usually can:

  • Stand on tiptoes
  • Jump from the bottom step,
  • Ride a tricycle
  • Catch a large ball with arms straight out
  • Kick a ball forward
  • Briefly stand on one foot

Beyond physical growth, children at this age will have improved verbal skills. Kids will be able to vocally convey their demands and requirements. They will have a greater grasp of the world around them and will be able to convey their ideas and feelings through language.

For parents of young children, providing resources that promote exploration and development can be crucial in helping babies from 10 months old to early toddlerhood reach their developmental milestones. A pushchair trike, like the STR3 model, can be an excellent option for promoting motor, physical, and cognitive development in children at this stage.

5-in-1 STR3 Stroller Trike5-in-1 STR3 Stroller Trike5-in-1 STR3 Stroller Trike5-in-1 STR3 Stroller Trike5-in-1 STR3 Stroller Trike
Encourage Independence
5-in-1 STR3 Folding Pushchair Trike


This pushchair trike allows children to move the handlebar with their feet on the pedals, without needing to steer or control the wheels, which can help stimulate their development. Additionally, the STR3 Folding Pushchair Trike provides a safe and reliable means for children to explore their independence, while parental control is available for parents who want to retain control. By providing your child with resources that foster their physical and cognitive growth, you can help them achieve their fullest potential.

Supporting Your Child's Gross Motor Development

As a parent, it is important to understand the importance of gross motor skills in your child's development and to ensure that they have the necessary resources to reach each milestone. By familiarizing yourself with each age group's gross motor milestones, you can help your child reach their fullest potential and foster their physical growth. It's also important to remember that each child develops at their own pace, so it's important to be patient and understanding of their progress. With the right resources and support, you can help your child reach their maximum potential.