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How to Choose the Best Stroller for Your Baby’s Development

Tatiana Kopyrina - Writer for smarTrike
By Tatiana Kopyrina
Nevena Radulović - Editor for smarTrike
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Updated April 17, 2023.

Parents with their two children in stroller trike with the younger child using it as a stroller while the older child uses it as a trike

Choosing the ideal stroller is an important parental decision since you'll want the perfect one to support your baby's growth. What's more, this piece of baby equipment is necessary for all your shopping trips, family travels, and other activities you want your baby to be a part of.

However, with so many different types of strollers available, it can be difficult to choose one that's both handy for your lifestyle and safe for your kid. To make your decision easier, we bring you the aspects to take into account when choosing a stroller, as well as our recommendation for the perfect stroller for your baby's development.

4 Considerations When Choosing a Stroller

While purchasing a stroller, it's critical to consider various elements to guarantee you get the right one for your little one as well as yourself. Here are the main points to look out for:

  1. Safety: Your ideal stroller should have a steady edge and secure seatbelts to ensure your baby is protected.
  2. Mobility and maneuverability: Since your child's stroller will form a significant part of your daily life, it must be very easy to use in terms of transport and steering. The area of the storage basket should also be easy to access and be able to store the things you need for your baby.
  3. Size and weight: Aim for a stroller that's big enough to accommodate your baby but compact enough to fit into your vehicle. And since you'll be taking the stroller with you everywhere you go, a lightweight and simple-to-move buggy is an unquestionable necessity.
  4. Additional features: To get the most out of the stroller, search for nice-to-have elements like coverings, sunshades, customisable handles, and cup holders.

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Our Recommendation

In addition to their functional purpose, strollers are an excellent tool to aid your child's physical and mental development. A carefully designed stroller trike like smarTrike's 6-in-1 STR7 Folding Pushchair Trike will help your baby practise gross motor skills like pushing, guiding, and balancing, with the added bonus of converting into a trike once your baby reaches the age that allows using one.

  • Effortless one-handed steering
  • Goes from stroller to trike in seconds
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 2-year warranty

This stroller trike is the ideal choice for parents who wish to allow their baby the freedom to explore while having the convenience of a regular stroller. Designed for babies six months old and up, its customisable features allow it to adapt to your child's changing demands over six developmental stages.

While encouraging your baby to be active and develop motor skills as they enjoy their environment, the stroller trike's one-handed steering guarantees a smooth ride and safeguards your child from any obstructions.

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Support Your Baby's Development With SmarTrike

As a parent, your stroller choice is important to ensure your baby is on the right developmental track. When choosing the ideal stroller, make sure to consider the aspects above to find the one that will both provide your child with a safe tool to explore their environment and offer you convenience while being out and about with your baby.

To enhance both your baby's physical activity and rest, aim for a convertible stroller and get the best of both worlds. A stroller trike like smarTrike's 6-in-1 STR7 Folding Pushchair Trike is the ideal approach to assist your child's development throughout their toddler years, as it evolves with your baby from a stroller to a trike to foster their active lifestyle while promising security.

6-in-1 STR7 Folding Pushchair Trike

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