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4 Types of Strollers Needed According to Baby's Age (0 - 3 Years)

Tatiana Kopyrina - Writer for smarTrike
By Tatiana Kopyrina
Davor Štefanović - Editor for smarTrike
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Updated August 28, 2023.

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Choosing the right stroller is about more than just comfort and safety; it's about supporting your child's curiosity and discovery through every stage of their development.

With each stage of your baby's development come unique needs, and selecting the right stroller ensures they're growing and learning at an optimal pace. As we explore the four types of strollers tailored to your baby's age, you'll be ready to transform daily strolls into delightful bonding experiences.

1. Pram (0-6 Months)

Welcoming your newborn into the world calls for a comfy and safe stroller. A newborn pram is designed to offer a flat and cosy sleeping surface with adjustable positions to find the perfect angle for your baby. Make sure to pick a pram with a bassinet that supports your newborn's head since they're not quite ready to hold it up yet. Check for adjustable backrests, footrests, and reclining seats to ensure your little one is comfy during naps.

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2. Pushchair (6+ Months)

Once your baby starts sitting up with a little support, it's time for a stroller upgrade. Buggy strollers, like the STR7 Folding Pushchair Trike, are great for older babies and toddlers and parents who take their kids out often. These pushchairs let your baby face forward and explore the world around them while seated upright, sparking their curiosity and development.

When choosing a pushchair for your 6-month-old, safety and comfort are the stars of the show. Trikes should have shock absorbers to smooth out bumpy rides and a harness to keep your baby safe. Adjustable handles and a cosy seat make it ideal for parents who are always on the go. The SmarTrike x Kelly Anna STR7 Stroller Trike is another excellent option, bringing a burst of colour to delight your growing baby.

3. Stroller (1-2 Years)

As your little one's mobility and independence grow, you'll want a stroller that keeps up with their pace. Folding pushchairs are perfect for family vacations, as they're lightweight, easy to carry, and can support your child from 9 months old into toddlerhood. Be sure it offers sun protection and comes with handy accessories like storage space for your kiddo's favourite toys and snacks.

Strollers like the STR5 Folding Pushchair Trike are perfect for active parents who love taking their little ones on walks. Between 10-18 months, babies start to walk, so it's a great time to stroll together and let them rest in the stroller if they get tired. This stroller is designed to provide support and comfort for 1-year-old and 2-year-old children while still giving them a sense of independence.

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4. Stroller Trike (2-3 Years)

For a 2-3-year-old, safety, comfort, and versatility are key ingredients for the perfect stroller. A stroller trike, like the STR3 Folding Pushchair Trike, supports your child from 10 months old into toddlerhood. Your little one can rest their feet on the pedals and move the handlebar without actually steering, allowing them to stay active while being safe and supported. Plus, it helps boost your little one's motor, physical, and cognitive development.

Some toddlers might even learn to pedal by age three, making the STR3 Folding Pushchair Trike a fantastic companion for city walks, shopping trips, and more. Its design encourages your child's sense of independence while keeping safety front and centre. With adjustable footrests, a five-point safety belt, and a large storage basket, this stroller provides everything you need to ensure your child's safety and comfort on your adventures.

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Choosing the Right Stroller for Your Baby's Age

Finding the right stroller is like discovering the secret to your baby's comfort, safety, and development. With a dizzying array of options out there, it can feel like navigating a stroller maze to find the perfect one for your child's age and needs.

However, by understanding the different types of strollers and what to look for, you can make the best choice and give your baby an exciting stroller adventure. A good stroller not only keeps your baby comfy and safe but also empowers them to explore the world with curiosity and joy.

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