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5 Fun Outdoor Summer Activities for Toddlers and Parents

Ruchita Dhavade - Writer for smarTrike
By Ruchita Dhavade
Davor Štefanović - Editor for smarTrike
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Updated April 14, 2023.

A baby girl enjoying a fun outdoor summer activity - playing in a sandbox

Summer is a perfect time for parents and toddlers to enjoy outdoor activities that keep children active and engaged while fostering their creativity. Providing your toddler with a variety of creative outdoor experiences is essential for their growth and enjoyment. To make the most of these summer days, always ensure your toddler is protected from the sun with sunscreen, a broad-brimmed hat, and a stroller shade. Additionally, keep them well-hydrated. Here are five fantastic outdoor activities to experience with your toddler this summer.

Here are five enjoyable outdoor activities to help you and your toddler make the most of summer days:

1. Hiking

Hiking is a wonderful way to experience nature and stimulate your toddler's curiosity and sense of discovery. Plan a safe route and allow your toddler to lead at their own pace, engaging with their surroundings in their unique way. Help them identify birds, plants, or rocks, and ensure they stay well-hydrated and protected from the sun throughout the hike. Of course, don't forget to prepare some snacks; chances are, they'll get hungry.

2. Movement Activities

Movement games are essential outdoor activities for toddlers that support the development of motor skills while also providing opportunities for imaginative play and social interaction. Popular movement games include:

  • Throwing and chasing balls: This activity teaches toddlers how to catch and encourages turn-taking.
  • Yoga: Introduce a few basic poses, such as Downward Dog and Tree pose, to engage your toddler in this mindful activity.
  • Blowing bubbles and chasing them: This fun summer activity encourages physical exercise and helps develop oral motor skills.
  • Tag: Play tag with your toddler once they can run to develop coordination and social skills.

3. Reading Outside

A mother reading to her toddler outside in the summer

After engaging in physical activities, your toddler may need some downtime. Reading books outdoors provides a calming, enjoyable activity and an opportunity to bond while helping children make connections between stories and the world around them. Find a comfortable spot under a shady tree, lay out a blanket or mat, and enjoy reading together.

4. Digging in the Sandbox

Playing in the sandbox is one of the most popular backyard activities for toddlers. It helps develop fine motor skills while sparking curiosity and creativity. Provide your child with various sandbox toys, such as shovels and buckets, and let them explore and create. Remember to ensure your child doesn't eat or throw sand, and give them a bath after playtime.

5. Stroller Trike Ride

Around 1 to 2 years old, a toddler typically develops the gross motor skills needed to start learning to pedal a stroller trike. Stroller trikes offer an early opportunity to develop these skills and teach children how to pedal, initially with parental control and later in child-control mode. This activity is not only a great bonding experience but also encourages family time outdoors. Pedalling helps strengthen your toddler's leg muscles, essential for walking and running.

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Embracing the Joys of Outdoor Play with Your Toddler

As your toddler's language and motor skills develop, exposing them to various outdoor play activities can enrich their learning and growth. Include them in everyday tasks, such as sorting laundry or dusting, and engage in meaningful conversations about the world around them. The possibilities for play are endless, so enjoy spending quality time with your child and making the most of the great outdoors.

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