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Sleeping in Strollers: Is It Safe for Your Baby?

Wondering whether sleeping in the stroller is safe for your baby? Here's what you should know about stroller napping.

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Updated September 12, 2023.

If you're a new parent concerned about your infant sleeping in a stroller, you'll be pleased to know that this practice is completely safe. When your baby is drowsy, you don't need to move them from the stroller to the crib to let them sleep. Here's what you should know about sleeping in strollers.

Benefits of Stroller Naps

Helping your infant adjust to sleeping outside is advantageous in the following ways.

  • Promoting your baby's sleep adaptability: Stroller napping encourages good sleep habits as your infant will become accustomed to napping in any place with no fuss.
  • Offering health benefits: Napping outside in the fresh air offers health benefits for you and your baby. You can enjoy a healthy walk while your baby sleeps.
  • Providing flexibility: If your baby is able to nap in the stroller, you have more freedom to plan other activities regardless of their sleep schedule. This will enable you to easily take your napping baby to run errands, visit family, walk in the park, and more.

If you're planning on going for a walk with your napping baby, make sure they're dressed appropriately for the weather. Layering their clothing will let them adjust to hot or cold weather and allow for uninterrupted sleep.

What's more, you'll want to ensure your baby is safe while napping outside, which you can do by choosing the right stroller.

With a five-point safety harness and a safety bar, the 5-in-1 STR3 Folding Stroller Trike is the perfect choice to ensure your baby is secure while napping outside. And, as an added bonus, this stroller will follow your child as they get older by encouraging their physical development through milestones like pulling to stand, eventually evolving into a trike.

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Aid Your Baby's Stroller Napping With SmarTrike

Not only is stroller napping perfectly safe for your baby, but it also has numerous benefits for you as a parent.

To ensure your baby's safety while napping and promote physical engagement and visual stimulation when your little one is awake, a stroller trike like the 5-in-1 STR3 Folding Stroller Trike is just what you need. Suitable for children as young as six months, this stroller trike will provide your baby with comfort and support while napping.

5-in-1 STR3 Folding Stroller Trike

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