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How to Improve Your Child’s Hand-Eye Coordination

Discover fun and educational activities that enhance your child's hand-eye coordination

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By George Croft
Dorian Rhode
Edited by Dorian Rhode

Published October 25, 2023.

Use balls to improve your kid's hand-eye coordination.

While moving hands comes naturally to adults, it's an essential skill for young children as they learn to interact with the world around them.

This article explores hand-eye coordination activities—highlighted by the National Library of Medicine—that help your kid improve fine and gross motor skills, counting, and colour recognition.

Activities to improve hand-eye coordination

1. Tracing and colouring

Have your kid trace letters and numbers using a pen. You can also buy them a colouring book or help them draw a character from their favourite show, improving their visual perception and fine motor skills.

2. Colour Bead Sorting

Placing coloured beads on rods helps your kid with colour awareness, counting, sorting, and categorisation skills. They can start with one hand and move to two once they gain confidence. To add a challenge, you can also use a sand timer.

3. Moulding Playdough

Children can start learning about textures by manipulating the playdough with rolling pins and shape cutters. The activity promotes cognitive development as well as hand-eye coordination.

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5. Playing with balls

Outdoor sports activities offer further opportunities for hand-eye coordination development. You can play catch with your kid to sharpen their coordination and reaction time. You can also expand the distance of the target as your child's throwing skills progress and encourage them to practice one-handed or two-handed catches.

6. Dancing to Educational Songs

Simple songs such as Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes make it easy for your child to learn body parts' names and practice hand-eye coordination. It requires more precise movement than using hands and is an excellent option for toddlers.

Give Your Child a Head Start

You can help your child develop the hand-eye coordination skills they need to succeed in school and life by providing your child with opportunities to participate in fun and engaging activities.

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