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At What Age Should My Baby Pull to Stand?

Learning to stand is an important stage in a child's development. Find out when this stage takes place and how you can encourage your child through it.

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Updated April 4, 2023.

Learning to stand is a special achievement in a child's development since it's the first step toward learning to walk independently.

While the age when they can stand up unaided varies from child to child, children generally begin learning to stand at approximately 7–12 months. However, some children reach this milestone earlier than others, so it's important to remember that learning to stand is a process and every child will achieve it in their own time.

How to Encourage Your Baby to Stand on Their Own

To encourage your child to stand, it's important to create a safe and comfortable environment for them to practice. You can help your child by holding and stabilizing them while they're standing, gradually reducing the amount of support until the little one can stand on their own. You can encourage your child to stand in several ways, including:

  • Letting them go barefoot as much as possible: Different surfaces require the use of different joints, muscles, and postures, so children learn best when they can feel the surface under their feet.
  • Encouraging them with enthusiasm: Be sure to provide enough support and reassurance when they start to get up, praising their efforts and giving them plenty of positive reinforcement.
  • Providing age-appropriate toys and activities: You can encourage squats by placing the toys at the child's feet and letting them try to pick them up.

Support Your Child's Development With SmarTrike

Although you'll be able to encourage your child to stand with these tips, patience is essential. Babies learn and develop at their own pace, becoming more independent and confident with each stage. Make sure you enjoy the journey and celebrate every small success!

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