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Is 4 years too old to buy my toddler a trike?

Asked a year ago

My child just turned 4 a month ago but I read that trikes are for kids up to the age of 3. I had no idea they existed and wish I knew sooner! Can I still get one?

Staff Writer

Staff Writer

Monday, March 06, 2023

No, 4 years old is not too old to buy a toddler a trike.

While it may not be the optimal choice for a 4-year-old, as they are already approaching the age when they can transition to bicycles with training wheels, a trike can still provide them with a fun and safe way to practice and refine their motor skills, coordination, and balance.

Although the recommended age for tricycle use is around 2 to 3, there’s no harm in letting children enjoy tricycles for a little longer. It's best to assess your toddler's size, abilities, and readiness and choose a tricycle that suits their needs and capabilities.

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Morris Slater

Thursday, March 09, 2023

Certainly not! It's never too late for your child to experience the advantages and excitement of riding a tricycle. In fact, trikes may be a terrific method for children as young as four to improve their gross motor skills, coordination, and confidence. Choose a model that is suited for your child's age and ability level.

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