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What should I do if my child falls out of a stroller trike?

Asked a year ago

Hi all. This has not happened - but as parents we have to prepare ourselves for all scenarios. If my child ever falls out of the trike what should I do? Is there any chance that my toddler can fall out of the trike even when strapped in?

Janiyah Cole

Thursday, April 06, 2023

Stroller trikes are designed to be sturdy and difficult to tip over, all of our stroller trikes are equipped with a 5-point harness, this means the likelihood of your child falling out is very low. In addition to this, trikes tend to be heavier than other types of ride-on toys making them less likely to be blown over by a sudden gust of wind.

However, should your child fall out, you must maintain a level of calm, don't panic. This will help your child stay calm so you can assess your child's condition. Check your child's body for any signs of bumps, bruises, swelling and deformities, pay close attention to your child's head. If you don't see any swelling or bumps on their head or body, then there is probably no significant injury. If you do see any of these on your child's body, then my advice is to take them to accident and emergency or call their doctor.

Please make sure your child is strapped in securely to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

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